Hi, World! I hope you are doing well. I would like to spread some good vibes by sharing this resource to you all, because a whole lot has been happening and not everything has been easy to cope with. Maybe some writing will help?

You’ll find in the download link below my Spencerian Practice and Guide Sheets – and this is for FREE – for your drill and studying pleasure. It has a sheet for drills of basic strokes and succeeding pages of guidelines for miniscule and majuscule practice. Please note that this is not a copybook, these are the pages I give my students to use when I teach in-person.


And since I’m not with you, I’ll be posting short videos on my Instagram highlights. Maybe even do an Live sesh or two! Follow me here. If I ever move to YouTube Live, I’ll let you all know on my Instagram.

Again, the download above is completely free. But if you can spare some change or time, please support and follow Braveheart Philippines (they spread good cheer and food to Frontliners) and Save the Laguna Pitbulls (a sanctuary caring for pitbulls rescued from a fighting ring). No form of support is too small, even a little help will matter a whole lot especially during these hard times. Thank you so much!